Lionsgate To Split ‘Divergent’ Finale Into Two Films. Is It A Good Idea?

By Josh Sorokach | 5:00 pm on April 11, 2014


Divergent in name but not in trend. Borrowing a page out of successful franchises like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, Lionsgate announced today that the Divergent trilogies’ final book, Allegiant, will be split into two films.

Pro: Double the Shailene Woodley!

Con: Double the cost.

Pro: Double the fun!

“The storytelling arc and world of the characters lend themselves perfectly to two films, a storytelling strategy that has worked very well for us on the two Twilight Breaking Dawn films and about which we’re tremendously enthusiastic for the two upcoming Mockingjay films of The Hunger Games franchise,” said Lionsgate Motion Picture Group Co-Chairmen Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger in a statement.

Katy Perry’s ‘Birthday’ Lyric Video Is A Sugary Sensation

By Josh Sorokach | 3:00 pm


Happy birthday to us! Katy Perry debuted the new lyric video for her toe-tapping, upbeat forthcoming single “Birthday,” and it’s filled with lots of sugar and very little spice! The fourth single off Perry’s album Prism, the visually vibrant “Birthday,” will not only leave you hungry for more Katy Perry, it will also leave you just plain hungry. The video features lyrics on top of a bevy of deliciously appealing baked goods. Cakes, cupcakes, frosting, we recommend that you do not watch this video on an empty stomach!

Here’s your first look at Katy Perry’s “Birthday” lyric video!


Here’s Who Will Probably Win An MTV Movie Award On Sunday

By Macey Hall | 1:30 pm


The MTV Movie Awards are Sunday, and two words immediately come to mind: Popcorn Statues. (You thought we were going to say movie stars, didn’t you?)

Besides having one of the best trophies in the game, the Movie Awards are always a fun and hilarious celebration of quality films from the previous year. According to Yahoo Search Data, searches for the awards have spiked by 464% this week alone. Clearly fans are very excited to tune in, but what specifically are they most excited for? Drumroll please…


Can’t Attend Coachella? Watch The Live Stream Here!

By Andrew Christina | 11:48 am


Do you prefer to be a free-spirited groupie in the comfort of your own home? No problem!

For the fourth year in a row, the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival will be live streaming select performances from the first weekend of the festival on its official YouTube channel.

Big name acts, including Pharrell, Lorde, and Skrillex, are scheduled to appear on one of three live stream channels. The performances begin Friday at 3:30 p.m. PST.

Watch your favorite artists perform here and let us know who you think stole the show!


‘Girl Meets World’ Teaser Debuts, Chris Colfer Lands Another TV Role, And More

By Josh Sorokach | 8:50 am

Photo Credit: Disney

We did it! Friday is here, so let’s start that weekend early with a few pop culture headlines. Taylor Swift prepares a home cooked meal for a boy band, Emma Stone’s adorable Spice Girl freak out streak continues, and Glee isn’t the only program you’ll find Chris Colfer guest starring on in the upcoming months. Those stories and more in today’s celebrity headlines!

Here are the 6 stories you need to read today:

1. Girls and boys, meet the Girl Meets World teaser! Cory and Topanga are back in the eagerly anticipated Boy Meets World spin-off. Take your first look at the new series below! [E Online]


5 Movies To Watch If You Loved ‘Frozen’

By Josh Sorokach | 4:34 pm on April 10, 2014


Fans are still completely enamored with the film Frozen. According to Yahoo Search Data, the term “animation” has spiked a whopping 4719% this month on the search engine and has increased nearly 16x over the past year. Since the success of Frozen has led to a surge of fans scouring the Internet for similar animated films, we created a list of the five movies you need to watch if you experienced a smile-induced brain freeze while viewing Frozen!


Stephen Colbert To Replace David Letterman On ‘Late Show!’ 5 Reasons He’ll Make The Perfect Host

By Josh Sorokach | 1:16 pm


Colbert Nation, rejoice! Popular Comedy Central late night host Stephen Colbert has officially been named as David Letterman’s replacement on CBS’ The Late Show. Letterman, who’s currently the longest-running late-night TV host, announced his retirement on April 3rd but will continue to host the iconic CBS franchise until his official retirement date in 2015.

How will Colbert, who plays a fictional version of himself on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, handle the transition? If we were to wager a guess we’d say somewhere between brilliantly and hilariously. Here are five reasons why Stephen Colbert will make the perfect new Late Show host! Continued…

Anne Hathaway Definitely Did NOT Almost Drown, Zach Braff’s New Movie Trailer Is Finally Here, And More

By Nuzhat Naoreen | 8:50 am

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Happy Thursday, everyone! Here are some pop culture headlines as we inch closer to the weekend. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler reunite to co-star in a new film, Adam Brody is set to star in a new pilot for Amazon, and Anne Hathaway sets the record straight on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Those stories and more in today’s celebrity headlines!

Here are the five stories you need to read today:

1. In belated celebrity news, Anne Hathaway did not drown. Watch the Oscar winner regale Jimmy Fallon with the not so epic but very funny tale about how she did not almost drown. [BuzzFeed]


Is Justin Bieber Protégé Madison Beer The Next Big Pop Star?

By Josh Sorokach | 4:32 pm on April 9, 2014

Is Madison Beer the next big pop star? If you ask Justin Bieber the answer is a resounding yes! The “Hold Tight” singer posted a photo of himself yesterday posing with his latest protégé inside a recording studio. Interestingly enough, a photo of Beer and Selena Gomez in a recording studio was also posted yesterday.

Dots, connect yourself!

While the exact reason behind Bieber’s recording studio drop by remains a mystery, the talent of Madison Beer does not. Here are three amazing covers by Madison Beer that may lead you to believe that she’s the next big pop star!


NBC Asks Fans For Sitcom Ideas. Here Are 5 They Should Pick Up ASAP!

By Josh Sorokach | 3:10 pm


Do you have an idea for the perfect television sitcom? If so, pitching it has never been easier. NBC announced an exciting new crowd-sourcing comedy initiative yesterday called NBC Comedy Playground, which allows TV fans to directly pitch their show ideas (via video) to a panel of well-known actors and producers including Aziz Ansari, Seth Meyers, Mindy Kaling, and Amy Poehler. Up to 10 finalists will be selected, after which NBC will help each participant create a pilot presentation based on their pitch. Two winners will be selected and have their projects broadcast on NBC.

Sound exciting? NBC’s approach to discovering new talent inspired us to pitch a few ideas of our own. Here are 5 new sitcoms we’d love to see on NBC!

1. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Buddy Cop Comedy

You don’t need algebra when simple arithmetic will do. Tina Fey + Amy Poehler = Success. Not only do they arguably possess two of the most incisive comedy minds in the entertainment business, they also have tons  of chemistry. Place them together in an odd couple scenario and allow these comedic virtuosos to breathe new life into the cozy “by the book/loose cannon” partnership trope. If a Tina Fey/Amy Poehler buddy cop sitcom were announced today, Twitter would be forced to take a sick day. (Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the buzz surrounding their potential movie reunion.)


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