New VFX Video Shows How ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Pulled Off Some Of Its Most Magical Moments

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Fans of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them can now take a look at what it took to bring some of the magic to life on the big screen!

Rodeo Visual Effects Company just released a VFX breakdown video that does a great job of taking fans through exactly how they brought some of the film’s most memorable creatures to life, including the Murtlap that attacks Jacob (Dan Fogler), as well as some of the creatures that dwell within Newt’s magical suitcase like the adorable Mooncalves.

While it’s amazing to see how some of Newt’s magical creatures are brought to life layer by layer, some of the most mesmerizing CG work actually involves a few of the settings in which the film takes place.

There’s a whole segment in the 4 minute video that takes viewers through just how much CG went into bringing MACUSA’s magical government headquarters to life. It’s amazing to see just how little was there when the actors shot scenes within MACUSA’s walls, versus how much was added later.

Additionally, there’s a fun montage within the footage that shows exactly how Rodeo Visual Effects company pulled off some of the more spectacular scenes that involve wizards throughout the film cleaning up the messes made by the magical creatures so that muggle will be none the wiser.

Check out the video for yourself below, then hit the comments and let us know which of the visual effects you found most impressive!

[H/T: EW]


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