‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Lucy Hale Joins The CW’s ‘Life Sentence’ Pilot

(Photo by Lester Cohen/BBMA2016/Getty Images for dcp)
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As Pretty Little Liars nears its final chapter, Lucy Hale has already booked her next TV gig.

The PLL actress has officially signed on to act in the pilot for a new CW dramedy called Life Sentence. And although fans are definitely used to seeing Hale in dire straits, the premise of this new show is much more light hearted than the title suggests.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Life Sentence is about a young woman (Hale) who “decides to live life to the fullest after thinking she had terminal cancer—only to learn she isn’t actually sick at all.”

After going on an epic “living like she was dying” spree when she thought her time was nearly up, Hale’s character must now live with all the choices she made. Talk about taking the YOLO motto to heart.

Life Sentence is the brainchild of writers Erin Cardillo and Richard Keith, best known for 2105’s single season comedy Significant Mother, which also aired on The CW. 

As an original cast member on the teen mystery hit, Hale has played the artsy and daring Aria Montgomery on the show since 2010. The show now only has 10 episodes left before the series finale on Freeform.

Are you excited to see Hale in this new role on Life Sentence or will you see her as Aria forever? Let us know!


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