‘Good Luck Charlie’ Star Is Game For A ‘Fuller House’ Style Revival

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Get excited, Disney Channel fans. Hope of a Good Luck Charlie revival is alive and well!

It’s only been three years ago since Good Luck Charlie wrapped, but fans and one of the actors is ready for a reunion already.

In fact, Leigh-Allyn Baker, who played mom, Amy Duncan on the series, revealed on Saturday that she is SO into another Good Luck Charlie installment.

“How cool would it be to revamp the Duncans on a channel like @netflix ?,” Baker asked on Instagram with a photo of her TV family. “If Full House can get fuller, why couldn’t Good Luck Charlie get some more good luck?”

Baker has a good point, why can’t Good Luck Charlie get some more good luck? We’d totally be into that.

After asking her Twitter followers if they’d even be interested in a revival of the Disney Channel show, fans looked to be on board.

One fan then asked, “If you’re serious, this is a Netflix form to request titles & we can request Good Luck Charlie Netflix Original Series.”

That little push, had Baker even more excited about bringing her TV family back together. “I say YES! In a heartbeat,” she commented back.

“We’re very serious! I’ve not heard about the forms, but would love for fans to fill it out if they want more #GLC,” she added.

(H/T MTV News)

What do you think about a Good Luck Charlie revival?


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