Hulu Announces A New Service That Could Change The Way You Watch TV For Good

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Hulu’s upcoming live streaming service just got a little bit better!

Deadline reports that the online platform announced on Wednesday (Jan. 4) that CBS-owned stations will be included along with the new service set to role out sometime this year.

Previously, Hulu announced that they’d already struck deals to include ABC, NBC, Fox and Time Warner into their upcoming live stream feature. That being said, the move to include CBS stations such as CBS Sports Network and Pop is huge — especially considering that Hulu’s main competitor, AT&T’s DirectTV Now, hasn’t yet announced plans to include CBS channels into their bundle.

While Hulu hasn’t revealed an official price for the upcoming service, Hopkins also revealed that the new live streaming feature will cost less than $40 a month. Additionally, it’ll include the current $8 subscription fee that Hulu currently charges for it’s on demand subscription service.

All in all, Hulu’s new live streaming service sounds like a pretty sweet deal, and we’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing what else they add to the lineup before they officially launch the product!


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