‘Supergirl’: Kara Lands On Another Planet In This Epic First Look At The Kevin-Smith Directed Episode

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Supergirl fans will have to wait until January to get more of the Girl of Steel, but an epic new trailer released by The CW will surely tied you over for now!

The new teaser gives us our first look at this season’s Kevin Smith-directed episode and it’s jam-packed with action. Amidst everything else that’s going on in Central City however, it is a small snippet toward the end of the trailer, which features Kara (Melissa Benoist) landing on another planet that’s really got us intrigued.

The short clip at the end clearly features Kara standing amidst strange new terrain. There’s also a red sun just behind her in the sky which is leading many to believe that our favorite superhero could very well be on the planet Rao.

Despite the fact that we don’t exactly know what’s brought Kara to this new planet, one thing the trailer does let us in on is the fact that she’s a bit worse for wear.

At one point, a disembodied voice cues us into the fact that Kara’s bleeding, and it’s clear from the way she’s holding her wrist that she’s definitely in some pain.

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing how Kara gets her way out of this one when Supergirl returns with all new episodes in the new year!

Supergirl returns Monday, Jan. 23 at 8 p.m. on The CW.


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