TNT Picks Up ‘Snowpiercer’ Pilot, ‘Arrested Development’ Season 5 Scoop, And More

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Continue the countdown to stuffing with news about Kanye’s tour, a Snowpiercer show, and a new docu-series about a YouTube star. That and more in today’s headlines.

1. Kanye canceled the rest of his Saint Pablo tour. Saves a lot of people from requesting refunds later, at least. [MTV News]

2. TNT is making a Snowpiercer television show. That train just goes in circles, so at least there will be plenty of time to get to know the characters? [TV Line]

3. Alia Shawkat isn’t totally sure if she’ll be in Arrested Development Season 5. One thing is for certain: there’s always money in the banana stand. [Entertainment Weekly]

4. A Madison Beer docu-series is in the works. Hopefully it will have all of Beer’s YouTube fame secrets in there! [Deadline]


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