‘Harry Potter’ Star Shocked To Find Out His Character Almost Had A Different Name

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Names like Harry, Ron and Hermione are so synonymous with the Harry Potter universe that it’s hard to imagine the characters being called anything else. That being said, author J.K. Rowling recently revealed that there’s one particular Gryffindor who was almost called something very different.

Over the summer, Rowling revealed via Twitter that Gryffindor’s resident footie fanatic, Dean Thomas was actually almost named Gary.

Potter fans who follow the author’s tweets are well aware by now that Rowling ended up renaming the character after a boy she knew, but it turns out that it took a bit longer for the revelation to reach the ears of  Alfred Enoch, who portrayed the character.

The How To Get Away With Murder star recently made an appearance on EW’s Binge podcast where the hosts revealed the unknown tidbit about Dean Thomas to him for the first time.

“It was going to be what? Gary? Wow, that’s nuts,” said Enoch. “It’s like anything, can you imagine if like, it wasn’t going to be Harry Potter; it was going to be Brian. Great name, but difficult to process at this late state of the game.”

We can’t blame Enoch for not being able to wrap his brain around the idea that he could have been playing a character named Gary instead of Dean. If anything, this makes us wonder if there are any other character Rowling almost ended up calling something else!


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