A Candy Crush TV Show Is Coming To CBS

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Get ready to see Candy Crush played like never before! The popular online game will soon be making the leap to television in a new game show produced by CBS.

E! News reports that the network has partnered up with Lionsgate to create a one-hour live-action game show centered around the popular game, aptly titled Candy Crush.

The series, which is is being executive produced by Matt Kunitz (Fear Factor, Wipeout), will reportedly have people compete on large, interactive game boards. The players will have to rely on their wits and physical agility if they want to stand a chance of winning Candy Crush and being crowned champions.

Candy Crush has been a popular among Facebook users for quite some time, but it’s clear the addictive game has made its mark on pop culture. Candy Crush was even imagined as a movie just last November by none other than Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.

It’ll be interesting to see how CBS, Lionsgate and King go about bringing the beloved game to life for television, and we’re especially looking forward to seeing how they go about incorporating aspects of the original game into the makeup of the game show!


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