Emmy 2016 Winners, Kanye West Joins Instagram, And More

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
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Catch up on all the weekend news with a full list of Emmy winners, Sarah Steel joining The Good Wife spinoff, and a new Scream Queens teaser. That and more in today’s headlines.

1. See who one all the Emmys at 2016’s star-studded ceremony. Some people sparkled, some people cried, and some people got played off stage for too-long speeches. [Deadline]

2. Kanye West finally joined Instagram. We’ll let you finish Kanye but Beyonce has the best Instagram account of all time. [Complex]

3. Sarah Steele has joined the The Good Wife spin off. Plot details have also been revealed for the exciting project. [Deadline]

4. A new teaser reveals details about the upcoming Scream Queens season. We do not want these girls as our doctors, no way. [Bustle]

5. Bridget Jones’ Baby did well at the foreign box office. Turns out Bridget Jones’ troubles translate well in every language. [The Hollywood Reporter]


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