This ‘Finding Dory’ Fan Theory Will Blow Your Mind

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There’s an old fan theory that proposes that all our favorite Pixar movies might actually exist within the same universe and now, someone has figured out how Finding Dory might fit in.

YouTuber Jonathan Carlin of Super Carlin Brothers proposes that Finding Dory actually fits into the Pixar theory toward the end of the timeline, but before we get to that, here’s a little refresher for those of you who might not be familiar with the original theory.

The Pixar Theory puts fort the idea that all of the films are connected in their plight to showcase the relationship and struggles between humans, machines and animals. Humans are at the height of their power in The Incredibles and experience their downfall in WALL-E. Meanwhile, animals featured in the Pixar films are, as Carlin puts it, “seen getting smarter and smarter.”

According to Carlin, the reason why the characters we meet in Finding Dory are much more evolved is because they live under water and as a result, have less contact with humans than, say, a dog like Buster in Toy Story 3 would have.



“Less interaction with humans, gives your species the opportunity to thrive and evolve faster,” explains Carlin.

As Carlin continues, he explains that he thinks that animals could very well be on the way to superseding humans, but they never really get there because, as we see in WALL-E, humans completely ruin the planet to the point that it’s unlivable.

With all this said, Carlin then explains that he thinks Finding Dory actually fits into the Pixar theory if you place it just before WALL-E and Ratatouille in the timeline. Once Dory, Marlin, and Nemo reach California, we notice that the coastline is already starting to show effects of what pollution can do. With this in mind, Carlin believes that Finding Dory shows the beginnings of the destruction to planet earth that is to come in WALL-E.

It’s definitely an interesting theory, and totally makes sense in reference to the infamous Pixar Theory!

Check out Carlin’s full video above for yourself!


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