A ‘Zenon’ TV Series Could Come To The Disney Channel

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Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century may have been one of your favorite Disney Channel original movies of the ’90s, but did you know it almost became a television show?

In an interview with EW, president and Chief Creative Officer of Disney Channels Worldwide revealed that everyone’s favorite supernova girl almost made the leap from Disney Channel Original Movie, to Disney Channel original series after the first film in the trilogy came out in 1999.

The best part is, there’s still hope for a Zenon television show to this day. According to Marsh, out of all the DCOMS the network has created over the years, Zenon is “the one that’s always under discussion, and has been perennially.”

The fact that they’ve even considered turning Zenon into a series is, in and of itself, pretty special– especially when you take into consideration that if there’s more story to tell, Disney usually goes the route of a sequel wherein DCOMs are concerned.

“It’s unusual that none of them have ever turned into a series. I have no good reason why,” said Marsh. “Some things just have a life of their own and live in a certain space. The ones that had staying power, from a storytelling perspective, we created sequels and threequels.”

So what makes Zenon so attractive as a potential television series? It comes down to the fact that Zenon’s world is so incredibly vast, that there’s room to expand on it beyond just continuing her story in movie formats.

“That world can go anywhere,” Marsh told EW. “There’s no limit.”

The fact that Marsh and the rest of Disney Channel’s executives still discuss the possibility of a Zenon television show is definitely an exciting idea. Here’s hoping that it eventually comes to fruition someday!

(H/T: MTV)


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