This ‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Won’t Be Returning For Season 4

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When Chicago P.D. returns for season 4, it will do so without Brian Geraghty as Roman.

TV Line reports that Geraghty, who has been apart of the cast since season 2, will not be returning as a series regular for the cop drama’s upcoming season.

Following Roman’s exit from Chicago P.D. during Wednesday night’s season finale, executive producer Matt Olmstead shed a bit of light as to why Geraghty decided to exit the series.

“When we wanted to do this Roman Character, [executive producer] Dick [Wolf] in particular really wanted Brian Geraghty,” Olmstead told TVLine. “[Brian] is the most level-headed, decent human being you’re going to encounter, and he’s upfront. He was like, ‘I don’t know I can commit to a seven years contract. This sounds great, but I’ve got to take it year by year.’ which Dick doesn’t do very often. But the deal was made.”

According to Olmstead, he spoke with Geraghty during the midway point of this seasons and that’s when the actor revealed that he was ready to move on.

In the end, Roman exited the series after a multi-episode story arc involving a serious injury. After suffering a gunshot wound, the patrol officer was given the choice of transferring to a position with less active duty or, leaving the police force altogether. During last night’s season finale, Roman chose to leave behind the fast paced life of the Windy City in favor of making a fresh start out in San Diego.

What did you think of Roman’s farewell on Chicago P.D.? Let us know in the comments below!


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