Chris Hemsworth Is A Very Funny ‘Ken Doll’ In This ‘Ghostbusters’ Featurette

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You’ve already been introduced to the ladies of the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, but now it’s time to get to know Chris Hemsworth’s Kevin!

To celebrate Administrative Professionals Day, a new behind-the-scenes video was released highlighting the film’s hilariously absent-minded receptionist, Kevin. So, how would one describe Hemsworth’s Kevin? The actor himself articulated that Kevin is a “big, dumb puppy dog,” while co-star┬áKate McKinnon referred to him as “a Ken doll with the insides scooped out.”

Since Hemsworth is best known for portraying a superhero, it’s a fair assumption that the actor might have some difficulty keeping up with the veteran comedic foursome of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and the aforementioned McKinnon. But as it turns out, Thor doesn’t just possess an enchanted hammer, he also has an enchanted sense of humor.

“Chris Hemsworth is a huge comedic talent,” director Paul Feig says in the featurette. “When I watch the movie I go, ‘I just want more Kevin,”‘ added Leslie Jones. “Seriously, there’s no way that you’re this sweet, this funny, this fine… that’s just not fair!”

Watch a few of Hemsworth’s hilarious one-liners below!


Kevin: We need to form a group and build something to fight these damn ghosts!
Abby: That’s *exactly* what we already do here.

Ghostbusters hits theaters July 15, 2016.