‘Chicago Fire’ Boss Confirms [SPOILER] Won’t Be Returning

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Looks like Chili’s shift on Chicago Fire is officially over.

Though the drama-filled firehouse has seen many faces come and go throughout the show’s four seasons, fans were shocked when Chili, played by Dora Madison, was suddenly booted from Firehouse 51 in episode 14 of season 4.

The decision to give Chili the ax might seem random to fans considering Madison’s promotion to series regular at the beginning of this season, but it was definitely justified. Chili had been showing up to work drunk this season as a way of grieving her sister’s death. Not very professional.

Now, Chicago Fire showrunner Matt Olmstead is putting the final nail in Chili’s proverbial coffin, telling the The Hollywood Reporter“[There are] no plans for Chili to come back right now.”

The cast switch-up was apparently to keep fans on edge.

“You can’t just save up the big moments and departures and entrances for characters at episode one and episode 22,” Olmstead tells THR. “It almost conditions the audience to be like ‘OK, we’ll tune in for the first episode and tune in for the finale because not much is going to happen in between because the writers are too timid to make any kind of moves.’ So you can threaten people leaving and you can kind of rattle your saber here and there, but unless you follow through on it, no one is going to believe you.”

Madison herself won’t have a problem finding work. The actress is already connected to six films in post-production including Ballad of Tennessee Rose and Weightless.


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