Taylor Swift’s Video Tour Of Her Beverly Hills Home Will Make You Want To Move In Immediately

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If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of Taylor Swift’s house looks like, now’s your chance to get a peek!

The “Wildest Dreams” singer currently graces the cover of this month’s Vogue and as part of her cover interview, Swift gave the magazine a guided tour of her home. Now, you can check out Swift’s stylish pad for yourself thanks to a fun video uploaded by the magazine.

The video is part of Vogue’s 73 Questions video series and in it, Swift takes you through her Beverly Hills home as she fields questions about everything from her songwriting process, to what the last thing she baked was.

Throughout the tour, we get a good look at her music room where Swift revealed she writes most of her songs, her spacious kitchen (featuring not one, but three different coffee machines), her gorgeous outside patio, and finally, an ornate living room, decked out with dozens of cat figurines.

House decor aside, Swift also revealed some fun tidbits about herself as she went through the magazine’s series of 73 questions. For starters, Swift divulged that she was really moved by Academy Award nominated film, The Martian and even confessed that the Matt Damon led flick made her cry. Additionally, Swift also revealed that her favorite lyric is actually a line from Carly Simon’s iconic hit, “You’re So Vain.” Check out what else Swift revealed in the video below!



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