‘Princess Diaries’ Director Confirms Talks Are Underway For Third Film

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square-thumbnailIt looks like Anne Hathaway could be returning to Genovia very soon!

The Princess Diaries director Gary Marshall has confirmed that talks are underway with Disney regarding a third installment of the beloved franchise.

“Well, you know, Disney is quite powerful and they say they would like to announce it, not me,” Marshall told E! News. during a press junket for his latest film, Mother’s Day. “But we are talking.”

Talk about a cliffhanger! Marshall’s latest Princess Diaries update is just the latest sign that points to a third film. Last month, the director announced that Anne Hathaway would be game for another Princess Diaries film, saying that he thinks they’ll make the film after Hathaway has her baby.

Now that Hathaway and her husband have welcomed their baby boy into the world, an official announcement concerning PD3 could be on the way. In fact, Marshall believes that having a child often makes actors more inclined to appear in family friendly films.

“Then [actors and actresses] have a child and come back to me and say, ‘I’d like to do something my child could see,”‘ Marshall continued. “And I’m very good at making things your child could see, and the whole family!”

What do you think? Are you excited about the possibility of a third Princess Diaries film?


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