‘Game Of Thrones’ Co-Creator Didn’t Warn Wife Amanda Peet About Jon Snow’s Death, And She Was NOT Happy About It

(Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage)
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Game of Thrones co-creator, David Benioff, wasn’t just in trouble with the fans after he killed off Jon Snow, he also found himself in some hot water with his wife and actress Amanda Peet.

Peet, who’s a fan of the hit HBO fantasy series, stopped by Conan recently and confessed that as soon as she heard wind of Jon Snow’s possible demise, she took action and tried to stop the death from happening.

“So basically, I had read somewhere that [Kit Harington] had cut his hair and so I got terrified because they were still shooting,” recounted Peet. “So I said [to Benioff], send me a picture of him where you’re with him where he has the Jon Snow hair cut and then I will rest my case. So he texted me a picture, and then two weeks later, he was dead.”

We guess the fact that even Peet was kept in the dark about last season’s shocking end is further proof of just how secretive the entire Game of Thrones cast and crew really is with plot details. But despite the fact that Snow is allegedly dead, Peet took her love for one of her favorite characters one step further.

After discovering Snow’s fate, the actress told Conan that she made it a point to petition for Jon Snow’s return in season 6, but not before calling in some back-up. According to Peet, she got together with co-creator Dan Weiss’ wife, Andrea, to demand their husbands find a way to bring their favorite character back.

“We basically just staged an intervention with them and said, ‘You better find a way to bring him back, I don’t care what it takes, I don’t care how you do it— you just gotta do it,’” said Peet.

Considering HBO just officially confirmed that Jon Snow is in fact dead, Peete may need to have another chat with her husband.

Game of Thrones season 6 premieres on April 24 on HBO


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