‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Shuts Down Popular Jon Snow Theory

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Sorry, Game of Thrones fans. Actor John Bradley just debunked a huge theory as to how Jon Snow could return from the dead.

Ever since season five’s big finale, fans have been debating all the ways that the young Lord Commander could cheat death and come back to see another season. One of the more popular fan theories involves Snow returning as his faithful direwolf, Ghost. However, Bradley, who plays Snow’s friend Samwell Tarly on the series, recently let slip during an interview with CONAN that this is one theory that won’t be coming true.

“‘[It’s] a strange theory because what you’re really asking yourself there is, ‘Do they like the character of Jon Snow enough that they’re going to want to see it being played by a dog,” reasons Bradley. “I mean, Kit Harington, I’m sure he won’t mind me saying this, he’s got a very marketable face. He’s a very, very good looking guy.”

Bradley then went on to joke that he wasn’t sure a direwolf would necessarily do as much to enamor audiences as Harrington’s good looks might.

In addition to debunking the rumor, Bradley also shared a brand-new clip from Game of Thrones season six, featuring a scene between Sam and Gilly (Hannah Murray). The short clip, which you can watch below, features Gilly trying to take Sam’s mind off his seasickness by distracting him with a story of how she thought the sea got it’s name.



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Game of Thrones returns to HBO on April 24.