‘Ant-Man’ Director Confirms The Wasp Will Suit Up As A Superhero In The Sequel

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Get ready to meet the Wasp!

It looks like Evangeline Lilly’s Hope van Dyne will be suiting up next to Scott Lang’s alter ego in the next Ant-Man film. While a mid-credits scene in Ant-Man previewed van Dyne’s future as the Wasp, director Peyton Reed recently gave an update on the creative plans for Marvel’s 2018 Ant-Man sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly while attending the Los Angeles premiere of Civil War, Reed discussed Evangeline Lilly’s upcoming evolution in Ant-Man 2.

“The first movie was really about her coming into her own as a hero, even though we didn’t see her suit up yet,” the director said. “So we’re so excited about now being able to show her fully formed and what she is as a superhero. Her power set, how she fights, and what are the injustices that matter to her that she wants to right. That’s part of the really fun thing of the next movie.”

As for a possible appearance by the Wasp in Civil War, Marvel’s Kevin Feige has said that Hope van Dyne will not be featured in the film because he “didn’t want it to become just a moment amongst moments.”

Reed also noted that plans for the Ant-Man sequel are still in the early stages and that the production team is still currently in the “structuring the movie” phase.

Ant-Man and the Wasp is currently scheduled for a 2018 release.