Nicole Behari Opens Up About Her Shocking Exit From ‘Sleepy Hollow’

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Fans who tuned in to watch the season three finale of Sleepy Hollow on Friday (April 8) were in for quite the shock as the Fox series killed off the character of Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie).

While a cast member meeting their demise in a season finale is somewhat commonplace, this particular death was especially unexpected because Beharie’s Mills has shared top billing on the series with Tom Mison’s Ichabod Crane since the show premiered back in September of 2013.

After the stunning events of the episode, Behari took to Twitter to address the Sleepy Hollow fandom.



“Sleepy Hollow has been an incredible experience in every way. I loved playing Abbie! It’s been such a gift to have taken this wild ride,” Beharie wrote on the social media site. “Gifted a great character, a fantastic journey and the perfect resolution. Alas! Abbie mills HAS done all she was meant to do. I’m excited about what the show has in store for US next!”

The actress went on to express her gratitude to both Fox and the production team before thanking all the “Sleepyheads” for their love and support.

Showrunner Clifton Campbell referred to Abbie Mills’ death as a “bold move for the show” in a joint statement with 20th Century Fox.

“We feel we provided a wonderfully poignant conclusion for Abbie and showed some of the best moments between the Witnesses that we’ve seen on-screen,” Campbell said. “We thank Nicole Beharie for bringing Abbie and Sleepy Hollow to life.”

As for a potential fourth season of the Fox series, no official decision has been announced.

What do you think about Nikki Beharie’s shocking departure from Sleepy Hollow?


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