What Does This New ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Photo Mean?

Photo Credit: Netflix
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Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) may be in different place in their lives in Netflix’s highly anticipated Gilmore Girls revival, but it’s clear that some things never change in their hometown of Stars Hollow.

A brand-new series of photos for the upcoming revival has just hit the internet and one of them features all of our favorite Stars Hollow inhabitants gathered together at Miss Patty’s for one of the town’s infamous Town Hall meetings.


Gilmore Girls/Netflix

As Gilmore Girls fans far and wide know, there’s no telling what will get brought up when Taylor Doose (Michael Winters) is in control of the gavel at one of these gatherings. In the past, the town has gotten together to debate everything from whether or not there should be two town troubadours, to who should be held accountable for a car collision between Andrew and Gipsy. Remember, there were no witnesses so things had to be put to a vote after they reenacted the situation!

And who could forget the time Luke (Scott Patterson) and Lorelei attended one of the soirees only to discover everyone debating over how their newfound relationship could hurt the town if things didn’t work out between them. This one was particularly memorable— especially when the Stars Hollow inhabitants realized they’d have to choose whether to be on Team Luke or Team Lorelei if things turned sour between one of our all-time favorite Gilmore Girls couples.

We’re not quite sure what will  be up for discussion this time around, but if Lorelei’s facial expression is anything to go by, we’re betting it’s going to be something ridiculously crazy in all the best ways possible!

What do you think is going on in the photo? Tell us your theories in the comments!


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