‘How I Met Your Mother’ Revealed Exactly How The Series Was Going To End In Season 5 Episode

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Turns out that the legen… wait for it… dary Barney Stinson called the ending to How I Met Your Mother way back in season five.

As fans of the long-running CBS sitcom may recall, the polarizing series finale divided the passionate How I Met Your Mother fandom. After almost a decade of hints and misdirection, viewers finally met the titular mother (Tracy) during the season eight finale. While Tracy and Ted would eventually get married and have two children, the series ends on a shocking note as Robin and Barney get divorced, Tracy dies, and Ted reunites with Robin.

The unexpected finale surprised the How I Met Your Mother faithful, but as one clever Redditor (via RadioTimes) discovered, Barney Stinson predicted the end of the series back in season five.

Havvvvve you met, clairvoyant Barney?

During the season five episode “Twin Beds,”the master of “suiting up” totally foretold the events of the finale during this exchange with Ted:

Barney: Robin Stinson! Robin Mosby! Robin Stinson! 

Ted: Ted Scherbatsky! I’ll take her name. 

Barney: I don’t care

Ted: Okay. 

Barney: Wait. How about this? How about this? We share her. I’ll take her until she’s 40, and then you can have her after that?

Boom! Lawyered. Or, actually, it’s more like: Boom! Magic!

What do you think? Has your opinion about the How I Met Your Mother series finale changed over time?