‘Outlander’ Boss Says Season 2 Will Be Different From The Books (Interview)

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Devotees of the Outlander literary series may have an idea of what’s coming up for Claire and Jamie when season 2 premieres on Saturday, but series creator Ronald D. Moore recently told People’s Choice that the creative team diverted from the books while plotting the second chapter.

“We changed things. We always try to do the best version of the books that we do,” Moore said while attending the second season premiere in New York City. “The second book is, by it’s nature, a more complicated and complex one, so it’s a bigger challenge to adapt it in the second season. But I feel like readers of the book will recognize the season, and I think all the major stories and all the major moments of the second season are represented in the show.”

As the Frasers leave Scotland to entrench themselves in the French aristocracy in the upcoming episodes, Moore promises that the whole tenor of the series will change in season two.

“They’re on a mission to try to change history. It’s more political,” Moore said, “It’s more conspiracies and trying to fool people and wondering who they can trust as they go through that mission. So the whole kinda feeling of the show is very different in the second season.”

Meanwhile, exec producer Maril Davis said the new setting will impact Jamie and Claire’s marriage.

“I think obviously we saw their courtship in the beginning and the beginnings of their marriage in the first season, and now they’re more of an established married couple,” said Davis. “Quite honestly, the environment they’re in adds a little stress to their marriage, but they’re a great team, and it’s just about weathering the storm.”

The second season of Outlander premieres Saturday, April 9th at 9:00 pm ET/PT on Starz.