‘Arrow’ Star Reacts To Being Killed Off The Show

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The biggest question of the season was finally answered on last night’s episode of Arrow when it was revealed that Laurel Lance, aka the Black Canary, was the person inside the coffin.

“Ollie, I know that I am not the love of your life, but you will always be the love of mine,” a tearful Laurel said to Oliver (Stephen Amell) moments before flatlining.

The death certainly came as a shock to many fans, not only because of how it happened (Laurel was mercilessly killed by Damien Darhk, who used one of Oliver’s arrows to stab her), but also because actress Katie Cassidy has been a key member of the series since season 1.

Cassidy took to Twitter after the episode aired Wednesday to share her sentiments on her character’s death.



“An incredible ride, a beautiful journey,” Cassidy tweeted. “Laurel will always be in my heart. Thank you!”

While fans continue to mourn the death of Laurel Lance, Cassidy told TVLine that she was okay with the decision to kill off her character.

“We all sort of came to an understanding that this is what was going to happen, and it made sense to me,” the actress said. “It’s such a turn in the story that it gives [the writers] so much more to do and places to go with it. Otherwise, I feel like shows can get stale.”

While Cassidy will appear via flashbacks in episode 19 and drop by a forthcoming episode of The Flash as Earth Two’s Laurel Lance, the days of the Black Canary suiting up next to Oliver and the gang appear to be over… for now.

“In the future, you never know what can happen,” Cassidy continued. “As they know, I’m always happy to come play with them if they time travel and whatnot.”

Arrow returns with an all new episode Wednesday, April 27th at 8:00 p.m. on The CW.


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