EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Sophia Bush Weighs In On Potential ‘One Tree Hill’ Revival Series

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The cast of One Tree Hill reunited at a fan convention in Wilmington, North Carolina last month, but one star notably absent from the festivities was Sophia Bush.

When we caught up with the actress at PaleyFest’s An Evening with Dick Wolf in March, Bush explained that reuniting with her fellow Tree Hill Ravens would have been fun, but unfortunately, work on Chicago P.D. keeps her pretty busy.

“You know, there was one convention a year for a while and now there’s like, 10 a year, which I just— I have a full time job, I can’t make it to all of them,” Bush told People’s Choice. “I wish that I could see everyone a little more often because we are all great friends and we adore each other.”

Despite the fact that reunions among Bush and her fellow One Tree Hill alums are few and far between, the actress said the cast tries to make the best of their time together whenever they happen to be in the same city.

“It’s nice. Anytime anyone comes through Chicago, I get to see them and it’ll be good the next time we all get to be together,” said Bush.


Of course, considering all of our favorite shows from the '90s and '00s seem to be getting the revival treatment, we couldn’t resist asking the actress if she’d be down to return to the world of One Tree Hill. Sadly, it looks as though a reunion isn't in the cards right now for Brooke Davis.

“I’ve got a full time job,” said Bush of her busy filming schedule. “I don’t have the opportunity to shoot another year of a series, so I don’t think it’s really feasible.”

She may not be returning to Tree Hill any time soon, but at least we know we can get our fix of Sophia Bush on Chicago P.D.!

(With additional reporting by Lindzi Scharf)

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesday nights at 10/9 C on NBC.


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