‘Beauty And The Beast’ Star Kristin Kreuk Reveals Her All-Time Favorite Cat And Vincent Scene

Photo Courtesy: The CW
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We put Beauty and the Beast star Kristin Kreuk to the test in an all new edition of Against The Clock and the actress did not disappoint in sharing details about everything from what she hopes for Heather in the future to which of her co-stars make her laugh the most.

Kreuk didn’t skip a beat when we asked her to recall her favorite scene of all time on the CW’s Beauty and the Beast, which returns to the CW tomorrow night for the season 3 premiere (and will officially be back for season four next year).

But if you had your bets placed on Kreuk picking a scene between her character Cat and actor Jay Ryan’s Vincent, then her answer will most definitely surprise you.

“It’s Tess and Catherine grilling Tori in the precinct,” said Kreuk of her all-time favorite scene. “We thought it was hilarious!”

The actress also talked about the one thing she’d want for her on-screen half sister Heather Chandler (played by Nicole Anderson) going forward on the show saying she’d “love to see Heather have a story line of her own.”

Finally, Kreuk revealed her all-time favorite Cat and Vincent scene of the series so far. With so many to choose from, we’re sure all you Beauty and the Beast fans are dying to find out which scene she absolutely loves.

Watch the video below to find out which scene with actor Jay Ryan from season 1 is Kristin Kreuk’s favorite and be sure to tune in on June 11 for the season 3 premiere!


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