Which TV Character’s Exit Made The Biggest Impact This Year?

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Did your favorite TV show make you sob this year? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

From The Good Wife to The Walking Dead, a number of series bid farewell to fan favorite characters in 2014 — and audiences were left to pick up the emotional pieces.

** Note: If you’re seriously behind (and we’re talking like months behind) on your DVR viewing, please proceed at your own risk because we’re about to talk about character deaths on a number of popular series. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!  **

While some shows like Bones decided to kill off a key character in shockingly dramatic fashion (R.I.P Sweets!), others like Grey’s Anatomy opted for a more serene exit storyline (come back and visit, Dr. Cristina Yang!). Regardless of how your favorite character left the small screen though, one thing is certain: their departure hurt bad, like real bad.

But which character’s exit made the biggest impact?

The Good Wife fans are still mourning the loss of Will Gardner, who was gunned down in a courtroom. One of the series’ most integral characters, Will’s death not only changed the dynamic of The Good Wife, it also dashed the hopes of long time Alicia and Will shippers everywhere (we feel for ya, guys). Speaking off traumatized shippers, Once Upon a Time fans were totally thrown off their game when Neal Cassidy aka Baelfire (aka the guy everyone thought Emma was going to end up with!) met his demise last season. Plot twist much?

Of course, not every character who met their end in 2014 was a beloved one. Fans were equal parts thrilled and shocked to see Game of Thrones petulant king, Joffrey Baratheon, bite the dust in season 5. Meanwhile, Community fans were understandably torn when it came time to say goodbye to the series’ resident grinch Pierce Hawthorne.

Oh, and what about the shows that axed not one but two characters? Dear Sons of Anarchy, did you really have to cut both Clay and Tara this year? There’s only so much fans can handle! (To that point, Hershel Greene’s gruesome death on The Walking Dead definitely towed the line of what a fan can handle…)

Those characters are among the many in the running for People’s Choice Awards 2015Favorite TV Character We Miss the Most.” Other notable contenders on the list include Mad Men’s Betram Cooper, Chicago Fire’s Leslie Shay, Homeland’s Nicholas Brody, House of Cards Zoe Barnes, Scandal’s James Novak, and Person of Interest’s Joss Carter.

Vote for People’s Choice Awards 2015 “Favorite TV Character We Miss Most” here and then hit the comments to tell us why your favorite character’s departure left the biggest mark!


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