8 ’90s TV Stars That Look Exactly The Same Today

Alyssa Milano in 'Melrose Place'
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Alyssa Milano in ‘Melrose Place’

Hollywood is obsessed with youth.

Defying the laws of aging and maintaining a youthful glean seems to be the golden ticket to a long, successful career as an actor.

It’s no surprise some of the most popular celebrities in entertainment are also the youngest. Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, and Demi Lovato are all under 25 and ruling their respective industries.

Then there are those celebrities who seem to not age at all. This is especially true when it comes to some of our favorite, forever young ’90s TV stars.

We’re pretty sure these actors have discovered the Fountain of Youth and are holding the keys hostage. (Not cool, guys.) There is definitive proof that John Stamos hasn’t aged a minute since his lovable role as Uncle Jesse on Full House. I mean, are you shocked to learn he’s 50? And let’s not even get started on Katie Holmes. The girl looks just as young and flawless walking the streets with her adorable little daughter Suri as she did as Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek. And seriously, how can Lacey Chabert (a.k.a. Claudia Salinger) look so good after all these years?! It’s not fair.

Whether it’s maintaining charming dimples and a boyish face (ahem, Adam Scott) or flaunting perfect hair and glowing skin, there are several actors from some of our favorite ‘90s shows who’ve definitely discovered the secret to not aging.

Check out our list of eight ’90s TV actors who haven’t aged below. (The photos from the ’90s are on the left, while present-day shots are on the right.)

1. Katie Holmes, Dawson’s Creek (1998)


2. Lacey Chabert, Party of Five (1994)

3. Will Smith, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990)

4. Melissa Joan Hart, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996)

5. John Stamos, Full House (1987)

6. Ben Savage, Boy Meets World (1993)

7. Alyssa Milano, Melrose Place (1997)

8. Adam Scott, Appearances on Boy Meets World as Griffin ‘Griff’ Hawkins (1994)

9. Chuckie Finster, Rugrats (1991)



Which Hollywood star do you think hasn’t aged at all? Tell us in the comments below!


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