10 Sci-Fi Stars Reveal Which TV And Movie Characters They Would Dress Up As

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It’s official: we are suffering through a semi-serious case of Comic-Con withdrawal.

While we certainly miss the hilarious panels and overabundance of pop culture spoilers, the one activity we find ourselves pining for the most is the Comic-Con 2014 cosplay. Everyday citizens don a rich tapestry of clothes and accessories to transform themselves from captains of industry to Captains of America.

If you were to attend next year’s Comic-Con, which superhero character or television star would be your cosplay inspiration? That’s the question we posed to many of your favorite sci-fi stars from Game of Thrones, Sleepy Hollow, and Grimm. A few of the answers, like Spiderman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, we expected, but a couple of the responses surprised us. Ian Ziering patrolling our streets for renegade Sharknados as Aquaman? Resurrection star Kurtwood Smith reprising his role as Red Forman from That ’70s Show?

Those were just some of the amazing answers we received when we talked cosplay with a number of television’s brightest sci-fi stars.

Find out which characters they would channel below:


Would you choose a television character or superhero? Share your cosplay thoughts in the comments section?


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