Rapper Jake Miller On His Friendship With Emblem3, ‘Chilling Out’ To John Mayer

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Rapper, songwriter, Fox Weekly’s “#1 Artist to Watch” recipient, there’s no question that Jake Miller is a rapidly rising star within the music industry. We wanted to learn more about the prolific Mr. Miller, and when you want to properly delve deep into the mind of a celebrity there’s only one way to do it…

By playing People’s Choice Against the Clock!

Since Jake Miller was gracious enough to participate in our rapid fire quest for celebrity information, we discovered a trove of interesting details about the young musician. What’s Miller’s Hollywood “pinch me” moment? What’s his favorite guilty pleasure song? Which musical group does he pal around with outside of work (hint: said group just went from 3 to 2…)?

Find out as Jake Miller goes Against the Clock!


"Every now and then I just like to chill out to some John Mayer." We know the feeling, Jake. We know the feeling all too well...

Jake Miller's debut album Us Against Them is available now!


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