You’ll Never Believe What Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Almost Looked Like — PHOTOS

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What happens when the animation of Disney past meets the most popular film of Disney present?

Pure magic!

Disney visual development artist Cory Loftis recently posted some of the original artwork from everybody’s cinematic BFF Frozen — and it’s not at all what you would expect. The photos Loftis posted and the Frozen we’ve grown to know and love are strikingly different. The original photos evoke memories of hand-drawn Disney classics and provide us with a clear picture of what Frozen may have looked like if it were produced just a few years earlier.

So, what would the sleek CGI-infused Frozen look like if it underwent a reverse makeover?

Check out the original artwork below to find out:

Frozen One


Frozen 3

Frozen 4

Is anybody else picking up a strong Beauty and the Beast vibe from these photos? If we’re wrong… Be Our Guest and correct us in the comments section!

For more check out Cory Loftis’ site.

What do you think? Do you prefer Frozen’s modern CGI look or the hand-drawn animation of past Disney films?



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