7 Courageous Reality Show Contestants Whose Performances Will Leave You Feeling Inspired

Susan Boyle
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Susan Boyle

We can’t stop thinking about Anna Clendening’s inspirational America’s Got Talent audition. The 20-year-old, who’s courageously been battling an anxiety disorder since the age of 14, provided us with one of the most stirring reality television performances of all time this week while auditioning for American’s Got Talent.

Clendening’s absolutely electric performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Halleujah” not only received a standing ovation from the live audience, but it also earned her a hug from judge Howie Mandel, who revealed that he too suffers from an anxiety disorder.

Grab a tissue, or perhaps a whole box of tissues, and watch Clendening’s inspirational performance below.

“Life is filled with peaks and valleys,” Mandel said. “You have seen and experienced a lot of valleys. Tonight, young lady, you are on a peak.”

Clendening’s audition motivated us to look back at some other incredibly inspiring reality show contestants.

Check out 7 of our favorites below:

1. Susan Boyle’s first Britain’s Got Talent audition

2. Shiane Hawke’s incredible X Factor Australia audition

3. Toni Warne’s blind audition on The Voice UK

4. Craig Colton’s shocks his parents with surprise X Factor audition

5. Choi Sung-bong Korea’s Got Talent audition

6. 9-year-old Malakai Paul’s touching Britain’s Got Talent audition

7. Micah Johnson emotional American Idol audition

Which one of these amazing performances do you find the most inspirational?


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