3 Favorite Alice Scenes From ‘The Brady Bunch’

Anne B. Davis
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Anne B. Davis

Beloved Emmy Award-winning actress Ann B. Davis, who portrayed optimistic live-in housekeeper Alice Nelson on the The Brady Bunch, passed away on Sunday in a San Antonio hospital after a fall in her home. She was 88.

Television fans both young and old grew up watching Davis’ endearing brand of energetic comedy, first on The Bob Cummings Show and then later  on The Brady Bunch.

Barry Williams, who played the Brady Bunch’s eldest son Greg Brady, referred to Davis as the “glue that held The Brady Brunch together,” during an appearance today on Good Morning America.

In celebration of Davis, we decided to revisit three of our favorite Alice scenes from The Brady Bunch. Check out our list below:

1. The Dunking Booth

2. Hello?

3. I’m Leaving

What’s your favorite Alice scene?

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