Mindy Kaling, Sandra Bullock, And More Make Our List Of 5 Favorite Celebrity Graduation Speakers Of 2014

Photo Credit: Getty Images
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Cue up the “Pomp and Circumstance” because we’ve just entered graduation season! With equal parts excitement and apprehension, the class of 2014 are about to take their first steps into the daily rigors of the 9 to 5. What better way to prepare than with a little bit of life advice from a few of our favorite celebrities?

Whether you’re a recent graduate or an old pro in need of inspiration, allow Mindy Kaling, Sandra Bullock, and few other familiar faces to provide you with some sage, and often hilarious, life advice.

Check out our five favorite celebrity graduation speakers of 2014!

1. Mindy Kaling

2. Sandra Bullock

3. Jim Carrey

4. Sean Combs

5. Ed Helms


Which celebrity graduation speech of 2014 was your favorite?

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