Chris Colfer, Lucy Hale, Norman Reedus, And More Reveal Their Most Memorable Fan Encounters

Photo Credit: Getty Images
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Have you ever gone a little, let’s see what’s the clinical term here… ah yes, bonkers upon meeting a celebrity? If you answered yes, don’t worry, you’re not alone. According to Chris Colfer, Lucy Hale, and Norman Reedus (to name just a few!), peculiar behavior is not that uncommon when you come face-to-face with a celebrity.

So what happened when we asked a few of television’s most beloved actors to discuss their most memorable fan encounters? We got some answers like “gifts” and “autograph requests” that were expected, and other responses like, “blowing into a plastic bottle and sending it to Tokyo” that were rather unexpected.

Which celebrity’s breath may be on its way to Japan as you read this very sentence? Find out below as some of your favorite stars reveal their most memorable fan encounters!

Do you have a memorable encounter with a celebrity? Let us know!

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