ABC Unveils New Fall Trailers! Which Of These Shows Will You Watch?

Photo Courtesy: ABC
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Photo Courtesy: ABC


After axing critically adored yet ratings-challenged sitcoms like Trophy Wife and Suburgatory, ABC finds itself looking to both the past and present in an attempt to secure its future. While not phonetically accurate, ABC may soon officially convert from the American Broadcasting Company to the Shonda Rhimes Network. Rhimes’ new series How to Get Away with Murder will join Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal on Thursday nights to create an entire Rhimes-centric night of original programming.

Dipping a toe in CBS-like waters, ABC has also ordered a slew of traditional sitcoms as well as the social media-laden, My Fair Lady-ish new series Selfie. What else does ABC have in store for you this fall? Find out below!



Manhattan Love Story






How to Get Away with Murder




Fresh Off the Boat


Secrets & Lies


American Crime


The Whisperers

Tell us which series you plan to watch and why in the comments!
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