9 Actresses Who Should Play Queen Elsa On ‘Once Upon A Time’

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UPDATE 6/1: Once Upon A Time has found its Anna! TVLine reports that newcomer Elizabeth Lail will take on the role of Elsa’s younger sister, while Greek alum Scott Michael Foster will play Anna’s suitor Kristoff. No word yet on who will play Elsa, but we’ve got some strong suggestions below. Take a look!

UPDATE 6/4: Former Fringe star Georgina Haig is headed to Storybrooke to take on the role of Queen Elsa.

On Sunday’s season finale of Once Upon A Time, we learned that the crew from Storybrooke will encounter a new queen next season: Elsa, from Disney’s Frozen.

The Internet reacted accordingly, immediately erupting with excitement at the thought of the queen from Disney’s highest-grossing movie coming to life.

Although Idina Menzel voices Elsa in the animated movie, it’s unlikely that the Broadway star will also portray her on the television series. Which leaves the question: Who will play Queen Elsa?

Here are nine actresses who would be perfect for the role:

Brooklyn Decker


With her blonde hair and great sense of humor, the Friends With Better Lives star is basically an (adult) Elsa doppelganger.


Elizabeth Olsen


Elizabeth Olsen has the acting chops necessary to play an icy queen, and she’s already got the look down—her 2014 Met Gala dress gave off some serious Frozen-inspired vibes.


Julianne Hough


If the role requires belting out “Let It Go,” actress and singer Hough totally has this one covered.


Katie Cassidy


As evidenced by her stint on Gossip Girl, Arrow star Katie Cassidy has just the right amount of sass to play Elsa.


Blake Lively


From Gossip Girl to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Lively brings likeability to every single character she plays — a key ingredient to portraying a Disney princess.


Cameron Diaz


The Other Woman star clearly has the versatility to play such an interesting role, and would make the perfect grown-up Elsa.


Dianna Agron

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

The Glee star has the looks and the voice needed to bring the Queen of Arendelle to life.


Hilary Duff


Once Upon A Time would be the perfect vehicle for the fan-favorite actress and singer’s return to television.


Kaley Cuoco


The Big Bang Theory star’s humor and charm would make for a down-to-earth and approachable Elsa.


Who would you cast as Queen Elsa on Once Upon A Time? Let us know in the comments!


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