Television Cancellations 2014: Which Series Would You Save?

Photo Courtesy: NBC
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Photo Courtesy: NBC

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night.

How’s everyone holding up? Every year around this time network executives are forced to drop the ax on a few of our favorite programs, but this year the powers that be went straight-up Jason Voorhees on our DVRS.

Community? Permanently expelled.

Almost Human? Certainly canceled.

Suburgatory? Rerun purgatory.

Super Fun Night? Extremely sad day of reckoning.

Star-Crossed, The Tomorrow People, Enlisted, The Trophy Wife, the list of quality television programs that will be RSVP’ing yes to this year’s cancellation gala is staggering. Sure, there are plenty of intriguing new programs that will undoubtedly occupy the gaping television shaped hole in our hearts, but it will never feel quite the same as the cancellation class of 2014.

But what if you didn’t have to say goodbye? If you could save one canceled series which one would you choose? Would you provide the kooky denizens of Greendale Community College one last semester to reach their #sixseasonsandamovie goal? Perhaps you’d allow The Tomorrow People a chance to live another day? Or maybe, just maybe, last night you had a pleasant nightmare that Suburgatory wasn’t canceled.

Sound off in the comments, take our poll, and let us know which three series (yes, we’re only letting you pick three!) you would save from cancellation!


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