‘One Tree Hill’ Stars Bryan Greenberg And James Lafferty Talk Possible Reunion

Photo Courtesy: The Olevolos Project
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Photo Courtesy: The Olevolos Project


From Veronica Mars to Arrested Development, once-finished TV series are making quite the comeback. So, who’s to say, old-school CW favorite One Tree Hill couldn’t be next?

We caught up with former OTH stars Bryan Greenberg and James Lafferty at a charity brunch for the Olevolos Project — an organization that provides educational opportunities to disadvantaged young people in the Olevolos village of Tanzania — and asked them whether a reunion was at all possible.

“It hasn’t come up,” said Lafferty, about reviving the long-running series which wrapped up in 2012. Hey, that’s not a no right? Watch what he and Greenberg had to say about whether or not they’d be up for participating in a potential reunion show:

Of course, One Tree Hill isn’t the only series viewers would like to bring back. Fans have been clamoring for some closure to HBO’s How To Make It In America, which starred Greenberg and was abruptly cancelled in 2010.

“Ten times a day people come up to me and tell me how much they loved that show,” said Greenberg, who hosted the brunch for the Olevolos Project, which was founded by his cousin Dory Gannes. “It’s cool to see how much it inspired people.”

Check out his full comments about How To Make It In America below:

Would you want to see a One Tree Hill reunion show? What about How To Make It In America? Tell us in the comments!

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