Which Series’ Season Finale Is Your Favorite? Sound-Off Here!

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Being a couch potato has never been this much fun!

Today marks the beginning of season finale week. New Girl, The Tomorrow People, The Mindy Project, and 2 Broke Girls are just a few of our favorite shows that will be leaving us with nothing but cliffhangers and reruns until they make their return next fall. We’re asking you, our People’s Choice faithful, to sound-off on all the surprising twists and romantic encounters we’re sure to see this week as we bid farewell to a few of our favorite programs. Also, let’s not forget about the shows that have already wrapped: television favorites like How I Met Your Mother and Scandal are completely eligible!

Basically, this is your home for all things television finale related.

As you watch all the amazing season finales this week, make sure to return to this page to participate in our daily polls and share your answers to the following questions in the comments section!

Which twist was your favorite?

Which scene was most romantic?

What was the most shocking death?

What was your favorite cliffhanger?

Which overall storyline was your favorite?

Is there a character you like/dislike more after the finale?

Which series’ return are you most looking forward to now?

Share your thoughts below!

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