Someone Made A Serious Version Of ‘Dumb And Dumber’ And It’s Amazing

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Who knew that a serious, super-suspenseful film was hidden deep inside the hilarious classic ’90s comedy Dumb and Dumber? A Vimeo user named Josh Rocklage recut the popular Jim Carrey/Jeff Daniels buddy comedy to create an amazing new trailer titled “Dumb and Dumber as an Epic Drama.”

On his Vimeo page, Rocklage explained his motivation for creating the trailer. “As a huge Dumb and Dumber fan, I wanted to try an experiment. Make one of the funniest movies of all time seem serious.”

After multiple viewings of the addictive trailer, we’d say Rocklage achieved his goal.

Wow! That was legitimately suspenseful, right? So suspenseful, in fact, that we were half-expecting Liam Neeson to randomly make a cameo appearance to threaten some villainous delinquent.

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Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Beethoven, there are so many ’90s comedies we would love to see remade into a serious trailer. Which ’90s comedy would you like to see receive the “serious film” treatment?


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