‘Originals’ Exec Producer Says Daniel Gillies Is The Biggest Prankster On Set

Photo Courtesy: The CW
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Looks like The Originals star Daniel Gillies is quite the troublemaker.

Joseph Morgan recently said Gillies is the co-star who makes him break character most often on set, now exec producer Michael Narducci is chiming in.

During a round of People’s Choice Against the Clock, Narducci said that Gillies is the biggest prankster out of the cast and also the most persuasive (as if we needed more proof he was a smooth operator!).

Narducci also revealed which storyline he wishes he could change, what fans can expect from the Originals finale, and his favorite twist (to name just a few!).

Of course, to find out his answers you’ll have to watch his Against the Clock below:

Narducci wasn’t the only Originals member who got the Against the Clock treatment. We also put star Danielle Campbell in the hot seat. Watch below as she reveals which actor makes her break character most often, the co-star she sees the most when she’s not on set, and more!

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