Did Blake Shelton Really Reveal Adam Levine’s Phone Number On ‘The Voice’ Last Night?

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Blake Shelton and Maroon Adam Levine have always had a playful rivalry on The Voice, but during last night’s episode Shelton seriously upped the ante.

After making numerous online threats that he’d tweet out the phone number of Maroon 5 front man and People magazine’s 2013 Sexiest Man Alive, Shelton, apparently, did just that.

You know what happens when you flirt with danger, Adam Levine? You get BURNED. Wait, nope. That’s fire. When you flirt with fire you get burned; when you flirt with danger you get your personal telephone number released to over 6 million people who follow Blake Shelton on Twitter.

Numerous attempts to connect with Levine using the number Shelton tweeted have been met with a busy signal presumably because the number has been disconnected. If we do connect with Levine and everything goes according to plan, we’ll be announcing an exclusive Maroon 6 world tour tomorrow!

What do you think? Did Blake Shelton really reveal Levine’s personal phone number? Chime in below!

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