16 Celebrities You Never Knew Guest-Starred On ‘The O.C.’

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The O.C had it all: Rich, beautiful teenagers navigating the mean halls of high school, a kid rescued from jail and then adopted by his lawyer, storied love triangles, and lots and lots of guest stars. (Oh, and Chrismukkuh too!)

The show premiered on Fox in August 2003, and thanks to its relatable characters, awesome music, and melodrama, it immediately became a success. Throughout the show’s four epic seasons, it was packed full of then-unknown guest stars.

Flash forward to over a decade later, some of those guest stars have gone on to become today’s biggest movie and TV stars (See: Shailene Woodley, Chris Pratt, Ashley Benson).

Check out the 16 guest stars that went straight from Newport Beach to the A-List:



Which character on The O.C. was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!



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