5 Movies To Watch If You Loved ‘Frozen’

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Fans are still completely enamored with the film Frozen. According to Yahoo Search Data, the term “animation” has spiked a whopping 4719% this month on the search engine and has increased nearly 16x over the past year. Since the success of Frozen has led to a surge of fans scouring the Internet for similar animated films, we created a list of the five movies you need to watch if you experienced a smile-induced brain freeze while viewing Frozen!

1. Tangled 


Who needs prince charming? If you like your animated flicks with a healthy dose of girl power — like Frozen — then add this his modern-day Rupunzel inspired tale to your viewing list.

2. Finding Nemo 


Much like Frozen, this Disney favorite focuses on an epic journey, a journey that the title so succinctly states, to find Nemo.

3. Ice Age
Hmm, what similarities could we possibly see between Frozen and Ice Age? We are ice cold when it comes to finding a likeness between the two. Our apologies, we don’t snow where our brains are today.

4. The Lion King

Much like Elsa’s quest to ascend to the throne, The Lion King follows Simba as he attempts to thwart his murderous uncle and succeed his father, Mufasa, as king.

5. Aladdin


Depending on your view regarding half-full and half-empty glasses, Aladdin is either a charming tale of love, friendship, and adventure, or a story about a liar who enjoys gallivanting around the sky on a precarious flying carpet. We choose the former!

“A Whole New World” won a whole new 1992 Oscar for Best Original Song, while Frozen’s “Let It Go” won the same award this year. So, if you enjoy animated films with great soundtracks (and we’re guessing you do if you loved Frozen), then Aladdin is a sure bet.

How many of these movies have you seen?

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