10 Ways The Internet Managed To #RuinARomCom

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Chris Hardwick is swiftly becoming a friend to insomniacs everywhere. Not only does his rapidly nimble comedy panel series @midnight provide viewers with 30 minutes of late night entertainment, but the interactive, internet-themed premise of the series allows the laughs to continue into the wee hours of the night on Twitter.

During last night’s stirring round of #HashtagWars, Hardwick introduced the internet to the phrase #RuinARomCom, and social media has been abuzz with the hashtag ever since. We gathered 10 of the best #RuinARomCom tweets we could find, so you could partake in your very own personal meet-cute with hilarity.


1. @SarahJez01


2. @stevezaragoza


3. @amandapendo


4. @IamJRushing


5. @PrestonParty


6. @ComedyCentral


7. @theskylerstone


8. @HaleyMancini


9. @MoRocca


10. @Matociquala

Share your favorite #RuinARomCom tweet in the comments section!

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