‘Veronica Mars’ Star Chris Lowell On Reuniting With The Cast, A Possible Sequel, And More

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Whether you’re a staunch Logan and Veronica supporter or ship the ever endearing Piz and Veronica OTP, we can all agree that everybody loves themselves a little Chris Lowell. We were fortunate enough to catch up with the actor for yet another rousing episode of the People’s Choice favorite, Against the Clock!

Which Veronica Mars star is Lowell closest to when not on set? What are his thoughts on a possible Veronica Mars sequel? What trait does Chris Lowell the actor share with the loveable character of Stosh “Piz” Piznarski? Find out those answers and more in this week’s episode of Against the Clock!

Lowell also shared an exclusive scoop with us on what it was like to reunite with the Veronica Mars cast.

It’s a “Double Piz Monday!” Take a look!

Awaiting a possible Veronica Mars sequel isn’t the only creative endeavor on the actor’s to-do list. When he’s not portraying cynical soldier Derrick Hill on Fox’s new sitcom Enlisted, Lowell is anticipating the release of his directorial debut, the feature film Beside Still Waters starring Reid Scott, Britt Lower, Will Brill, and Beck Bennett.

You can find out more information about the film or donate to Lowell’s Kickstarter right here.

Did you watch the Veronica Mars movie? Are you Team Logan or Team Piz?

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