This New Disney Theory About ‘Frozen,’ ‘Tangled,’ And ‘The Little Mermaid’ Will Blow Your Mind

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We have yet another incredible fan theory concerning a Disney movie — three Disney movies in fact! Today’s theory du jour suggests that Disney films Frozen, Tangled, and The Little Mermaid may have all taken place in the same universe. Sounds crazy, right? Maybe not. Think about it. This is a studio that once said, “Hey you know what might make a great film? A story about a 101 dalmatians.” AND IT WORKED.

The theory in question claims that the King and Queen of Arendelle were on their way to Rapunzel and Eugene’s wedding when their boat sank; hence Rapunzel and Eugene felt compelled to attend Elsa’s coronation ceremony as seen below.

OK. So if you don't already know, there's a very deliberate nod in Frozen to Disney's previous movie Tangled :

Image Credit: Via BuzzFeed, via

A Disney fan continued the complexity on Tumblr theorizing that if Elsa and Anna’s parents were going to Rapunzel’s return celebration three years ago (when Tangled was released), and the Kingdom of Corona is in Germany and the Kingdom of Arendelle is in Norway, then the sunken ship from The Little Mermaid (which took place near Denmark) could theoretically be the ill-fated vessel responsible for transporting the King and Queen of Arendelle.

Which ship from The Little Mermaid are we talking about, you ask? Hypothetically asked, but literally answered.

KABOOM. That’s the sound of our minds being blown.

At this point we have to ask: Is Disney simply a proprietor of fine family films or a collection of brilliant yet devious cinematic masterminds? What type of intricate game of cat and mouse are you playing with us, Disney? If we wake up tomorrow to read a theory postulating that the old guy from Up is actually the great grandson of Belle and The Beast, smoke may uncontrollably begin to whiz out of our ears!

What do you think about this newest Disney theory?

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