Kat Graham Teases ‘Vampire Diaries’ Relationship, Reveals Which Co-Star She’s Closest To Off-Set — WATCH

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Time to pajama up, television fans, because you have a full slate of appointment television viewing ahead of you tonight! Not only do you have all new episodes of Scandal, Parenthood, Parks and Recreation, and Reign to look forward to, but you can also re-watch one of this season’s best episodes of Vampire Diaries. We know a lot of our fervent Vampire Diaries fans are craving original content, so allow us to quench your thirst with an all new Against the Clock starring none other than Bonnie Bennett herself, Kat Graham!

What was the last show Graham binge-watched? Who is her celebrity crush? Which co-star does she see most off-set? Find out those answers and more as this Vampire Diaries beauty battles against that pesky stopwatch in our latest edition of Against the Clock!

Since we have to wait 7 more long, painstaking days until we’re treated with an all new Vampire Diaries, we have an additional Kat Graham bonus video for you in which she reveals an exclusive scoop regarding Bonnie’s romantic future!


The Vampire Diaries  returns with an all new episode on March 20th!


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